Camp is a useful auxiliary mechanic that many people forget about.

With the help of the Camp, you can quickly restore health, craft basic food and potions. And most importantly - after death you can respawn on the Camp.

Setting up a Camp is possible not everywhere. But where it is possible it could be done with key [Y].

You may notice on the map marked hunting areas, you can't set a Camp inside these areas.

Resources for setting up a Camp:
- 5 Green Wood
- 1 Flint

However, it is possible to use someone else's Camp to create items and as a respawn point. Of course, its owner can move his Camp and you will lose your binding.

When you exit the game, the Camp remains in its place for another 20 minutes.

Camp 1 level becomes available at 5 level by passing one of the main quests. But then the players for some reason often do not pay attention to the opening quest for improving the Camp.

Player levelCamp levelQuest nameLocationNPC
152Friends in FashionMonarch's BluffBercina Thornton
253Animal InstinctsCutlass KeysTosch
404Lupine ObservationsRestless ShoreRilette Wilson
555Fading LightsEdengroveDerick Wardell
Camp Tier 1
Camp 1 lvl
Camp Tier 2
Camp 2 lvl
Camp Tier 3
Camp 3 lvl