Fast Travel. Teleporting.

The main type of traveling around the game world is on foot. There are no mounts or teleportation scrolls.

Traveling with Azoth

You can teleport with the use of Azoth between cities and field teleports. The amount of Azoth required depends on which fraction claimed the territory (yours or others).
You have to visit the destination city at least once before being able to teleport there. So, you will not get rid of walking.
Field teleports called "Shrine" (see the icon on the left) first need to be found so that they become available and displayed on the map.

Traveling with bindings

Each city has an Inn where you can check in. So you get the opportunity to teleport to this Inn from anywhere in the game world. Timeout for teleportation - 30 minutes. You can register in only one city. You can move, or check the time until the next opportunity to teleport, in the city menu on the map. You can find the city where you are registered by the crescent icon.

You can purchase a House in a settlement. One of the main functions of the House is to teleport to the house from anywhere in the world. Depending on the level of the house (and its price), the teleport timeout to the House is from 2 to 4 hours. However, the timeout can be reset early for Azoth.

Traveling with death

Upon death, you will be prompted to respawn in the nearest settlement, or the nearest Shrine, or on your Camp if you have currently any installed.
To respawn on your Camp you should be 500m or less from this Camp. Also you're limited to 1 respawn per hour, but this timeout is reseted if you install a new Camp or re-bind to a new Camp.
Upon death, PVP missions are reset and the durability of armor and weapon goes down. You'll have to repair them over time.


If you're overweight, you won't be able to teleport (except death).

For Free you can teleport to the Inn and House , but with timeout.

Camp could be set up outside a settlement, so not to run from the nearest settlement if you die.

City interface of teleporting